Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Directed by David Lynch. 135 minutes. Rated R. English.

David Lynch's prequel to his cult television series Twin Peaks concerns the last seven days in the life of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), whose plastic-wrapped corpse, found floating in a river, was the fulcrum for the television series.

Panned upon release by critics and fans who wanted a sequel to the show, not a prequel, TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME has emerged of one of Lynch's strongest films. His dream-like, surreal Americana is in full effect here, burrowing into the darker side of the small town of Twin Peaks, Washington, exploring places where the 90's primetime TV couldn't venture.

See FIRE WALK WITH ME before season three of Twin Peaks debuts on May 21. (According to David Lynch, Laura Palmer’s last seven days are integral to the new season...)